What have I gotten myself into?

It’s been a while since I officially had an art deadline to meet. I honestly don’t recall the last piece of actual concept art I did for WARMACHINE or HORDES. These days, my art contributions amount to little more than scribbles on the back of napkins as I try to communicate a basic shape or silhouette to the art team at Privateer. In fact, most of the illustration I’ve done over the past year or so has been either storyboards or creature design for my upcoming LEVEL 7 film project and that’s been very much at my own pace. I was setting the deadlines, so if I needed to, I could move them. Not anymore.

The first concept for Eiryss, ever — swaggering'!

As we were reviewing the concept documents for all the new models that will be in the next WARMACHINE book, I started to get the itch to do some drawing again, and I made the mistake of opening my big mouth. It started with an upcoming character for Cryx. It’s something we’ve never seen in that army and I have an image in my head that I need to get out by way of the illustration. I tentatively expressed my interest and thankfully found out the illustration wouldn’t be due until fall. No problem! One character in the next 4-5 months? I can fit that into my schedule. Then Ed Bourelle, Privateer’s Creative Manager got greedy and suggested I tackle some more. “You could feature it on your blog!” chimed in Simon Berman, our Community Manager. They made it sounds so easy.

Fortunately, some of my better judgment won out and I didn’t take everything Ed threw at me, but there was one I couldn’t refuse: the new incarnation of Eiryss, the much loved, much loathed Mage Hunter who now stalks the Iron Kingdoms with the fanatical Retribution of Scyrah.

The second incarnation of Eiryss will kill you with even more style!

Eiryss is one of two mercenary solos in the original WARMACHINE: PRIME book that came out nearly ten years ago, and she’s one of the first characters I ever created and designed for the game. She’s also the first appearance of an Iosan (elf) in WARMACHINE and is for me, one of my all time favorite personalities featured in our fiction. In our next book, we’re reinventing Eiryss once again, and not how you might expect! Instead of going solo, she’s  joining up with some rank and file troopers as a Unit Attachment. That’s right, Eiryss, the original Iosan badass will now be making an entire unit of badasses even more badasser. Who would have ever thought she could be a team player?

See? I got all excited just writing about her. I almost forgot to tell you what the problem is: the due date on the concept is July 16th! Now maybe that sounds like plenty of time to do a simple illustration of one character, but to me, that feels like tomorrow. I’ve got a list of things that have to be done between now and July and heaping concept art responsibilities on top of that is insane. But like the saying goes, no rest for the wicked.

So now I’m going to do something I’ve never done before — I’m going to ask for suggestions on how to design this next incarnation of a very beloved character. NO! Not rules — don’t even think about making a suggestion for her game rules. Jason Soles graduated her out of play testing months ago. We’re just talking about the visuals, here. We’ve seen Eiryss in a dynamic leap, Eiryss stalking from a rooftop, Eiryss walking with a sexy swagger. Now she’s going to be leading a unit of razor-blade-wielding, human-hating, homicidal zealots — where do I take her from here? The only thing written in stone is that she’ll be retaining her signature weapon combination: A sword and a crossbow fixed with a nasty bayonet.

Things I have to think about:

Pose: Action, Heroic, Stealthy?

Costume: More armor? More skin?

Details: Hood up or hood down? Is it time to see Eiryss’ ears? I’m not sure the world is ready for that…

If you’ve got a good idea, let me know what you think. I have a feeling I’m going to need help with this one…

And whatever I do, I’ll show you here — progress to completion, pass or fail! Stay tuned!


149 thoughts on “What have I gotten myself into?

  1. I think having her hood down would be a dramatic change from her previously established roots. It would provide a change to the character while retaining her core being in the rest of her gear. It is similar to how Alexia Ciannor was changed from an infantry model to a cavalry model. Providing that sort of elevation in character will be awesome.

    To me, Eiryss has always been grace and function along with form. Everything she does has a purpose. She wouldn’t wear more or less gear unless it has an overriding purpose to it. My vote is that she stays roughly the same in terms of armor and gear, unless her new role provides otherwise!

    A big thing I’d like to be able to notice across the table even when she’s in a unit. With her currently as a solo in either incarnation, she’s easily identifiable. I want that same feeling when I see the unit with her attached.

  2. I would go with less skin, more armor, and hood down. Cross bow on her back or hip, sword raised as if about to command her troops to attack. Wind blowing her cape and hair. The assassins leaves her rouge garb and dawns the armor of her people, now we know things are getting crazy on the battle front.

    • I definitely agree with the hood down part. Making her kind of a rank-and-file model (well… not quite rank and file, but moreso than her current loner self), I think having her hood down (and a ponytail… ponytails are hot!) would be a very visible clue-in that she’s made a transformation. In this case, that transformation would be presumably her decision to join the Retribution full time rather than fighting it out on the sidelines as a sometimes ally with a mysterious agenda.

  3. Outstanding!
    I’d wager that it’s time to finally show her as an Iosan of power and rank and pull that hood back so we can see her heritage! Maybe even make her hair pulled back due to the headwrap, but spilling out from the back and flowing in the breeze?

      • Would it be something along the line of shaving her head to prevent enemy combatants from getting a handhold, similar to why I see Narn (her mentor) is bald/shaved? Also long hair can be distracting when the wind is blowing it in your face when trying to line up a shot.

        Just my two mcthralls.

      • You mean she’s bald?

        That’s interesting. Kind of like her mentor Narn I guess.

        I like the idea of the hood down with a pony tail myself.

  4. Personally, one of my favorite aspects of the Iron Kingdoms universe is that the females in the universe are very reasonably dressed compared to most fantasy worlds. I would rather see Eiryss being more armored to match her unit and to keep the respect for women as being able to kick butt without showing off theirs. I think that it’s great that so many female characters in the Iron Kingdoms are strong and intelligent and Eiryss is no exception.

    In other words, my vote is for a heroic pose with more armor!

  5. The first thing that comes to my mind is Eiryss standing tall in a heroic pose possibly pointing her sword forward leading her band of merry hunters along. Maybe the crossbow in her other hand at rest by her side. I would imagine her with a bit more armor and her hood down.

  6. I’d love to see a close-combat focused Eiryss sculpt. Her other sculpts tend to focus on the crossbow, and that works, because you’re mostly using her for shooting, but if she’s going to be part of a unit, mixing it up in hand to hand, I’d like to see that – maybe leaping at the enemy, swords drawn, or something dynamic like that… just diving into the fight. Have the crossbow on her back for once.

  7. For my money I think having her crouched and looking like she’s actively tracking some elusive quarry would be cool, having her at the ready in the middle of an actual “mage hunt”, senses tuned to a razor’s edge, weapons eager to find those she blames for the death of her people’s gods. But hey that’s me.

  8. I would use the same amount of armor you have used.perhaps make it more akin to this new unit she will be attached too . I would like to see her with her hood down down for a change. As for her pose I would put her in a commanding presence showing she is the one in charge of the team, if that is infact her role.

  9. I agree that more armored Eiryss would be a welcome addition, but depending on the unit she’s leading (e.g. Strike Force) there isn’t too much room in their aesthetic for much armor.

    I’d say the most important aspect to emphasize would be her new position as a part (possibly leader) of a unit. So why not have her charging forward with her saber extended? The crossbows are cool and all, but we get in in spades with her earlier incarnation and the Strike Force. Also, if she is charging in any way, definitely go hood down.

  10. I think it would be really neat to have her sword sheathed as she takes both hands to carefully aim her crossbow.

  11. I’d say static or heroic pose with more skin! Why? Because:
    -Prime Eiryss have action pose,
    -Epic Eiryss have stalthy pose
    -Promotional Eiryss have static pose,
    Only pose that is missing is heroic one!
    So now, when we have pose covered time to Costume. I would prefer more skin, to show that Eiryss is very nimble and don’t need great protection. Also I kind of dislike her cape (specially on prime one, but on epic too. It really take away much from the miniature because of its size). So maybe heroic pose, more skin and tattered cape (or fluttering)? Let’s think: Eiryss after hard battle standing victorious!
    But generally it would be nice if the costume was significantly different, but kept this characteristic feel of mage hunter and her character (e.g. steel and leather “stockings”). She’s working alone and behind enemy lines, so it would seem natural that she somehow customized her outfit.
    That’s all I can think about to help you. Still I know that she’ll be gorgeous!

  12. I love the idea of her joining up with her country. I see her dressed in armor with her troops behind and next to her, poised to spring on a distracted unit of human warriors. Her face is a mask of pure loathing for the humans she is looking at and her troops have the same crazed look. Eiryss and her troops are in a stealth pose in the woods. A slight shadow over her face giving her a sense of mystery. The audience thinks they know her, but they are about to learn a whole new chapter of her life that they could not imagine.

  13. I think the hood up is part of the iconic character design, and I would keep it. If she’s with a unit, I would go less stealthy and more “battle commander-y”, whatever that means to you. Without knowing about the unit I can’t say specifically what that looks like, but I could see her with sword pointed ahead yelling “charge!”, or hand in the air gesturing her troops forward into cover. More armor seems appropriate for a more front-line commander instead of a stealthy solo, but I would defer more to how the rest of her unit looks.

  14. Not sure the route they are taking the story, but she has always worked for Humans as a Merc. If she is now leading a group of “unit of razor-blade-wielding, human-hating, homicidal zealots”, what has happened to her over the course of the story that makes her now want to kill them. I know she killed humans before, but that was under contract. Now it seems she has a crew of people, which to me means she has maybe gone off the deep end and plans on doing some “REAL” damage and make a impact on the IK.

    I say all that to say this, I would go with hood down wild hair with a semi-psychotic/wicked crazed look. Like she knows whats going on in her head making plans, but if you met her you would be afraid to ask what those plans were.

    I would stay away from mounting her on anything. For a display mini that is super cool, but for a tabletop it sometimes seems out of place. If you are keeping the sword/crossbow I think making them more wicked looking might fit. The sword and bayonet could still be elvish in design, but with a few more curves and crooks (i.e. kind of fantasy Dark Elf style sword).
    example: http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=340&u=12451439

    Anyways I am not sure how crazed she is or the story arc, but if she is that would be the route I would take. Good luck with the deadline, and don’t take up to much time with her I play Cryx and would rather you work on the fall project….unless now that she hates humans so much she will work for Cryx !!! OK, back to reality….

      • I don’t support changing her weapons because it is Eiryss herself who has gotten more deadly, not the weapons she has carried since she first introduced WM players to her very special arrows to the knee.

  15. Eiryss definitely needs to see some action. No retreat, no posing, we need to see her making use of both the blade and the crossbow and presenting herself like the threat she is.

    No more skin is required, but I’d hate to see heavy armor on her. Bulking up won’t work for a stealthy and agile character like her. We should definitely see Eiryss wearing something Ret-inspired, but something that keeps the classic Eiryss silhouette. What would she be wearing after she rendezvoused with her Ret colleagues for some upgrades? What goodies would the Iosan Q have for the elves’ 007? Chain mail seems so antique for a faction like Ret. But she needs a hood of some sort – that’s part of her signature look!

    Those are my scattered thoughts, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  16. I’d love an Eiryss more in line with your drawing of Epic Eiryss (standing, but with her weapons). You’ve done the stealthy pose, you’ve done the action pose, it’s time for her to look like a regal, bad ass in charge. Hood down would be pretty cool too.

  17. Glad to hear you’re doing a little more concept art Matt!


    Pose: you’ve had her walking and you’ve had her dodging back, so how about either charging forward, perhaps arcing her blade across her torso, opposite arm stretched back for balance.

    Or if you want to push the leadership angle you could have her stand heroically one arm pointing forward, the other bent holding her crossbow.

    Armor: more, sleek armor is always cool. A new shape or two to distinguish this new version from the two previous incarnations.

    Details: how about a new,single slightly different shaped shoulder pad? It can be used to denote her as the unit officer and can have an iosan rune of rank or depending on how much detail can be sculpted, her own personal sygil? Two angel wings or something?

    Just some random thoughts!

    • I really like the shoulder plate idea and giving her more “sleek” armor that looks futuristic elvish to distinguish her as what she is: an Elf. The hood down seems like a popular idea but i agree with an earlier sentiment that it’s become a part of her iconic look. Also i believe having her pose and overall design match which ever unit/units she will be attached to with a little more “flair” and uniqueness to make her fit in but stand out (if that makes any sense lol).

  18. Would personally like to see plenty of armor and hood down, assassins need their peripheral vision after all! We’ve already seen her all actiony and being sneaky, so heroic would be my vote on the pose.

    Thanks for doing this, it’s very cool to get a peek into the design process for the minis that eventually make their way into our grubby little hands.

  19. Matt, here’s my two cents:

    – More armor than skin. Since it seems like she’s Ret only in this incarnation then you have to incorporate some of their cool looking armor into her design. Either way, I think she should look similar to those she leads, but also be unique because she is iconic.

    – Hood up. I’m not ready for her to be hoodless. Plus I think its something that is a definitive part of her design that makes her recognizable.

    – For the pose — The first Eiryss was in an action pose. Epic Eiryss was a bit more sneaky. Now that she’s a leader of sorts, I think you add some heroism to the mix.

    Good luck, man!

  20. I’m going to have to go with these:

    Pose: More heroic. I think her character lends herself to stoicism. Although if she’s leading a bunch of crazies around, I suppose action is the obvious choice. Stealthy would pick her out of the group too much, I feel. Personally, I’m in favor of her having one weapon sheathed. Maybe sword on the hip, hand resting on the hilt while aiming her crossbow for a confident / aggressive feel (depending on the tilt of the head).

    Armor: If she’s leading troops, I think more armor is the way to go. Whether it be light or heavy armor, it’d look silly to have her closer to the front lines with less clothes on.

    Details: Hood down, certainly. Having her hood up is what added to her rogue-like, singular nature. Unless she’s leading woodland bandits, I think having her face fully revealed would make her more of a person and less of a shadow. Also, it wold add to her badditude and show that things are getting serious. 😛

  21. More armour, with hood up, crossbow on her back. She should be standing on something with her sword in the air, like she’s comanding her unit.

  22. Agreed – more armor, less skin, and hood down. We’ve had two with her hood up and, while it’s a good look, if she’s joining a unit on the battlefield she probably doesn’t need to hide her identity. Too active a pose might detract too much from the unit she joins, and too stealthy a pose would make her look awkward alongside some units… but of course that depends on what she’s a UA for, and what her role among the unit is. In any case, I’m thinking: standing calm but with purpose, sword sheathed at her side (possibly with a hand resting upon the pommel), confidently aiming her crossbow with the other hand or even resting the weapon on her shoulder as she surveys the battle, aware and in control.
    But whatever you do, I’m excited to see it, as I’m always fascinated by concept art.

  23. Hood down, with armor, heroic pose (definitely with some wind billowing a cape and her hair…nothing insane, but giving some flow). Her body language should read “I am NOT backing down” with her expression reading “I will mess your crap UP.”

  24. Obligatory request for more skin! Or, at least, to see her with her hood down and those ears out. Drive home that she is an elven lady and not just a monstrous killing machine. The hood down will humanize her (Even if she is not technically human). A pose that emphasizes her leadership would also be something I would like to see. She seems to be moving away from her job as a mercenary and taking more of a role as a paragon of the Retribution’s cause.

  25. I really liked epic Eiryss. Lots of armor but at the same time it maintained some sex appeal. Showing a little bit of skin like that also makes painting the model that more interesting.

    I think the hood down would be awesome. Now that Retribution is out its kind of like she runs around showing her ears off and saying “yeah I am Iosan, what about it?”. I don’t know the fluff extremely well but it would give me the similar impression of Joan of Arc where she hid her hair and face as much as possible until the truth came out (in this case its Ret showing up).

    My favorite of all the sculps so far was the alt sculp from No Quarter (which now I see was from your first sketch, sweet!). I really liked that she was standing.

    Maybe have her holding her cross bow with both hands? Or, Maybe she could be pointing with one arm and holding her sword off the the side slightly behind her like shes screaming to lead a charge and getting ready to take off running towards the enemy. The crossbow could be stabbed into the ground next to her (so it would be a separate piece, which could be attached to her back if someone wanted instead).

    I am excited lol

  26. Oh this Ret player is swooning!

    I have always wanted to see her in a specific pose. So go less plate armor, more leather/chain. No exposed stomach. Standing with a wide and low stance in a slight hunched position. Hood up, and cloak billowed out wrapping around her. Her left arm out but bent at the elbow, her sword held as she does with blade pointing straight out. Crossbow resting on her left forearm to brace it.

    I image her in the thick of things, like diving into a unit of winter guard and being in this hunched feline like stance ready to pounce in various directions.

    Oh I cannot wait!

    To stand her out in a unit, you could add her house sigil on her cloak. (This would be cool to learn more about her loyalties). I am seeing her armor more cloth/leather based like the Mage Hunter Strike Force.

  27. Skin like the Epic version,
    No heavy armor
    Hood down with no head wraps. (want to see hair)
    No weird bases like the Epic version.
    I like her simple standing up pose in the Epic version’s concept art since she becomes a UA (and most likely being the commander of the unit).

  28. I love the original concept art and how it was eventually turned into the alternative Eiryss No Quarter model. Something about exposing the mid-drift like that just makes her model look sexy without being slutty. I’d love to see something along those lines, but in a more heroic pose of a leader taking her troops into battle. Basically, how Wonder Woman leading a squad of Amazonian Warriors into battle would look like. Eiryss turns that image up to 11.

  29. I agree with the “more armor” suggestion. She’s getting ready to lead her people into battle – she should be prepared for it! In assassin mode, she needs less clunky garments so she can slip quietly in and out of treelines, picking off enemy combatants. A nice twist might be to feature her sword more prominently, rather than her crossbow. Maybe she’s extending it in the air to signal a charge, or pointing it directly at a charging line of enemies as if to say, “You will die this day.” I like the idea of wearing a cape that clasps in the front with some sort of Iosan jewel or other insignia common to Iosan officers; instead of it being connected to her cowl/hood. It could be cool to finally see her with her hood down though, too.

    She’s gonna be mean. Too bad I will be on the opposing end of her sword.

  30. Depending on the unit she’s leading, might be fun to see her in a Joan of Arc style pose. Sword raised high, Hood thrown back, cloak billowing behind her, metal breastplate, chain everywhere else

  31. I agree with the co-conspirators above. With her leading a unit, she needs to be more commanding with a clear stance of command. Either with blade forward or (depending on the unit) sword/crossbow held up like in her rooftop pose while other hand is pointing forward guiding her team. With whichever weapon not in use in a holster/scabbard or on her belt.

    As for design.. I’d like to see the hood down with her hair blowing and like one ear out.. With the tattoo showing prominently.. More sleek armor since she is down in the rank and file but not showing the goods off either. I agree as above a new shoulder pad or maybe her cape being emblazoned with a fantastic design that’s hers would be amazing. The dual wings idea would be excellent.

    I like both previous versions and look forward to whatever you come up with.


  32. I think there is only one thing left. They “Come at me Bro!” stance.

    Full Standing, Shoulders back arms outstretched fnear her hips. Palms up to the cross bow quarrel is pointing in the dirt and the top of the cross bow faces away from her. Blade tip towards the dirt with the blade behind her leg.

    Head up slightly looking down her nose/ cheekbones at her target. Hood down.

    Wry smirk.

    As I learned from my fencing buddies, this is basically the biggest insult you can give an bladed wielding opponent.

    Either than or a full on bow, eyes up and facing, but weapons behind her.

  33. I agree with the others, less skin but hood down. I suggest a standing pose with crossbow held pointing downward at her side, sword put away, with her off hand pointing at the enemy if the unit in mainly charging poses. If unit is posed being sneaky, maybe on one knee giving hand signals.

  34. I would say, just enough armor to pull off a nice, “leader” look, with hood down and crossbows at the ready. Since she is no longer hiding, but leading, how about a dramatic “charge!” pose atop a rock, a pillar or bits of a mangled warjack/beast. Details, maybe some runes carved into her shoulder/chest armor that secretly mean something.

  35. More armor to show she is playing well with others, or it could be she thinks she has to so the others don’t get her killed.

    How about a stealthy pose of her ordering her fellow unit members around.

    Hood down, just because .

  36. Yea, take the hood off man. This is Eiryss enraged, this is Eiryss challenged. She’s gone from fighting the good fight secretly, stealthily, to now championing these fanatics you’re talking about (still for Ret I hope).

    Take the hood off, let it hang back, have her shouting orders, have her holding a finger to her mouth insisting that everyone whisper (if she’s attached to something like a MHSF unit).

    Eiryss in charge… of our days and our nights!

    Love the concept! Will be great to have a dramatic difference to use with the character, and yes, her being the introduction of the Iosan elf and then continuing to evolve as the game evolves, as the elves evolve. Absolutely.

    Keep up the great work!

  37. okay, I completely agree with giving the sculpt more armor, and I think that the armor should be different from what she’s had for the past two incarnations. I imagine sleeker armor akin in design to a Shyeel Myrmidon, so I guess just a little more “flowing” aspect to the armor. I agree with everything said in the first the comments, except that I really want to see her with her hood down. Most of the other mage hunters have their hoods down, with the exception of the mage hunter commander. I think you can let Eiryss maintain her dignity by not revealing any more skin, but yet give her a new aspect of attractiveness by showing off her hair. as for the pose, i’m thinking something heroic. you guys have done an action pose (the original) a stealthy pose (the epic) and a more “sexy” pose (the resculpt). I think it’s time for a hugely heroic pose… on a SWEET sculpt for her base 😀

  38. Oh please let her be one of the UAs that turns a merc unit into a faction unit… I know that goes completely against Trib xenophobia, but the thought of friendly faction Nyss Hunters is pretty sweet. But I know, I know, no rules, so that’s just some fanboy hoping, not a suggestion.

    Definitely go hood-down (bring on those ears!), and I’d suggest an action pose with the sword instead of the crossbow. (Maybe have the crossbow sheathed across her back?) As it is, opponents of mine always mistake the Mage Hunter Commander for Eiryss, so something charging forward, going for the kill, leading her unit into the fight would be awesome, rather than the falling back / shooty pose these two share. Something like Nicia’s art in Wrath (as opposed to her sculpt, which is considerably less dynamic) would be pretty sweet, but maybe coming in at a more horizontal swipe with the sword instead of overhead.

  39. I can’t help but to ask questions:

    How does the unit engage with the enemy? Are they stealthy? Do they shoot at them? Are they more melee focused? I’m guessing they’re mage hunters, and unless you guys are doing something new they’re going to behave differently than the Mage Hunter Strike Force.

    What is Eiryss’ attitude towards leading troops? Is she proud? Frustrated? This could affect her stance, e.g. skulking versus commanding.

    As far as suggestions… possibly take inspiration from Navy Seal team leaders, using hand signals to direct her squad mates. As she’s a character, the pose can be quite dynamic…

    Based on my own assumptions, I’d say perhaps she is preparing to charge forward, knees bent at the ready, sword in a ready position. Her crossbow can be slung across her shoulder or down at her side (like a rifle allowed to hang on it’s sling while the user does something with their hand), and she can be using a hand signal to signal the charge.

    In terms of armor, maybe the concept for the unit could inspire something. I’d say more armor is better than less, and I’d love to see her hood down. Perhaps now that she’s joined the Retribution full time, she may have been re-equipped with the most modern armor available to field agents?

    • And in regards to my first question, I’m not looking for rules, but rather am thinking a charging pose would be out of place for a shooting unit and visa versa. So knowing this is important (for you, Matt, not for the rest of us 😉 )

      • Mmmm…charging probably isn’t the most appropriate thing for her to be doing, considering who she’s attached to. The units she plays with definitely are following her because of her characteristic skill set. (Oh, did I say unitS?)

  40. Personally, I think if she is stepping up into a role as a unit attachment and a leader of a unit/units then I think she should take on a pose that shows more outward action and heroism and lose a bit of her sneakiness/rogueness to her pose. I see in my mind a sort of mix between Garryth, prime Kaya and Saeryn’s poses to create the new Eiryss. Have some poise to her, while still being proudly heroic. I think she should have her hood down and use the pulled back hood/cloak to add a very dynamic element to the pose. Then add some small amounts more of leatherette armor with plating on the legs/one arm just to show her gaining some more front line ability. That’s my take on it…

  41. The new pose should definitely be heroic, but that’s been said already. I’d personally love to see Eiryss with sword sheathed, cape flowing w/ the house sigil, and hood down. As to her crossbow, I really think that she’d look superbly BA by being in mid-draw of the string of the crossbow. Something like nocking the new arrow and drawing the string. Maybe have one leg on a Mechanithrall that has a couple arrows sticking out of the back of it.

    Also, if she’s getting into the thick of things, she’d definitely have a few more plates on her.

    Good luck to you sir! I look forward to the new model!

  42. I think the skin to armor ratio is fine on Eiryss, so keep that as is. Pose wise, hood down, her crossbow slung across her back, with her sword drawn in a kind of ready stance.

  43. My vote is for Heroic Commander!

    A model that really sets the tone and distinguishes her as working with a team rather than solo. She’s a legend of the Retribution, a hero, so it makes sense for her to appear larger than life so as to inspire awe and loyalty from her junior partners.

    Also, hood down, ears up. It’s time. A hero must be highly visible, after all. Let the rest of her design carry her forward and let us paint her hair in those funky Iosan shades! I like the shoulder pad mentioned above because it ties her in closer to the Ret scheme.

    I’d say more, but without knowing precisely which unit (I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mage Hunters), it’s hard to know what will match the unit too. Can’t wait to see what you eventually decide!

  44. I would focus on a stealthy role but also one of leadership. If she is going to be a unit attachment she is going to be an officer. No more lone wolfing, she has a team of people she needs to lead and she needs to protect. Perhaps subtle motions with her sword (I agree, focus more on her melee, less on the crossbow as thats what shes been all about since her first incarnation) Id love to see the full face/ears but since she is leading a unit, and I assume it is the Mage Hunter Strike Force considering the fluff I think it be better to have the hood up. And since Epic Eiryss has that little structure she crouches on maybe this one could be flush against a wall as if looking over the corner? Would make an odd model though!

  45. Well, I think that we’ve seen Eryss very cool and collected the whole of her existance. How she’s always been playing both sides of the coin, walking that thin line of ‘professional mercenary’ and ‘mage hunter of Ios’.

    But now, if she allowed to let go, and stop pretending to be ‘friends’ with the humans (say due to the Retribution’s warlike activities), and to let her passion show, that would make for an interesting version of her.

    Hood down, hair (if any) blowing behind her, ears out (as she’s proudly displaying her heritage). If she’s taking a more “hands on” roll, then her sword would be her main weapon of choice, so that would be the crossbow would be harness to her back. As she’s a nimble fighter, she wouldn’t have more armor, but perhaps fancier armor because she’s become something of a legend in the eyes of the Retribution. Perhaps guilded wings as a motiff, to represent her “Angel of Vengence” incarnation.

    Regardless, I look forward to seeing Eryss 3 (Or Legendary Eryss, as some may say).

  46. Eiryss is the epitome of a mage hunter / mage hunter assassin. both rely on stleath to get to where they want . the eiryss we have today is coverd by the shooty/charge eiryss (prime) to the roof stalking eiryss waiting for the chance to bust a cap in a human`s rear. with a third version of this i`d like to see her really comming out like the human magic hater that iosans are. best way to desribe what i am thinking of is the sword fights between drizzit do urden and Artemis Entreri in the D&D world or any fast paced sword fight you see in anime.

    So for pose:
    Agressive sword fighting pose with crossbow in one hand and sword in the other making a sweeping croching move.
    As a leader of a unit she takes charge and shows the rookies/others how it`s done

    much like it is now, but with no exposed stomach, hood down or “flying behind ” as she sweeps twoards the opponent and her hair showing also flying behind.
    And ofc some sort of incorparating the iosan armour somehow.

  47. I’d like her to look like a leader as well, but rather than heroic, since she’s an assassin, maybe pose her like she’s giving hand signals to the rest of the unit, in a fashion similar to special forces units.

  48. Maybe do her more sinister.. talking big cape with the hood putting her face in the shadows.. She could look sweet in a commanding pose, maybe a bit like the concept art for Lanyssa Ryssyl

  49. If its concept art why not something like her crawling/stalking through some under brush. With her sword in hand for a change and the cross bow strapped to her back. Bunch up her cloak along her back so she isnt stumbling over and gives you a good side profile . I dont know think might be a different look.

  50. I personally love the art Eiryss had on her Gavin Kyle article (vaulting over hapless troopers). Not sure how hard or confusing that would be to turn into a miniature, with a random trooper for her to vault over supplied in the blister, or a confused victim from all 5 main factions to choose from 🙂

  51. Maybe its just me, but I would love to see a more stealthy version. Eiryss has always been the silent stalker and or quite killer. A model that reflects this aspect a little more would be fitting. Perhaps the crossbow would be slung and she could be in a prone position, perhaps one hand on the ground as if she was lying in wait or skillfully stalking her prey. Her knife would of course be drawn and at the ready. Perhaps in a reverse grip held low and behind her back or held forward and close to her chest ready for that final thrust.

    My other idea would be more along the lines of eHaley’s sculpt in the idea of a using Eiryss’s cloak to give the model a sense of twirling motion, as it she is either surrounded and fighting her way free or she has just done some sort of dramatic turn to face an enemy freshly approaching. Perhaps a wide stance with her bow hand outstretched behind her with bow at the ready as she looks over that shoulder to meet the gaze of her enemy.

    Most important I think is that the cloak and hood say it all. They are a huge part of her character, and we have already seen plenty of unhooded elves in the RoS line, so why not leave Eiyress’s hood up as that last little tid bit of mystery. She herself is a mysterious character in the fiction, so let that be her running scheme, in that we as an audience may never get to fully see the whole look of this silent assassin and perhaps the way she would want it. With all this in mind, I say never take the hood down on this eleven lady and let her always have that sense of mystery and wonder about her. Instead focus on her pose and the cloak. A cloak like hers can be used in so many ways to express so many actions. On a personal note, I love models that express a lot of motion in them if done right.

  52. Excellent news and I think they definitely chose the right man for the job. I agree with “more armor – less skin” sentiment, although I feel that there shouldn’t be too much armor as she should rely on dodges and agility against attacks rather than armor. The cooler shoulderpad idea is pretty much exactly what would fit the bill.

    My five cents is that the pose and the model should be beautiful, very feminine and very gracious. Like a deadly ballet dancer. I can imagine her on the battlefield dancing around her opponents, the pose should look like that. Still nothing too crazy as there are many cool miniatures which are destroyed with weird “look I’m doing a cartweel and my whole body is upside down”-pose.

    One thing which I DON’T want to see is some terrain attached to the figure. That decision should be left with the person who paints the miniature. I will never buy eEiryss miniature as I find it extremely silly that she’s crouching on top of the chimney even if she clearly is in the woods on the table.

    Looking forward of seeing what you will cook up. And respect for letting us help you out. Thanks for that chance.

  53. I would like to see her loose the cloak, but retain most of her distinctive armour, so as to be easily distinguished from the previous incarnations, yet very much alike.

    I also support the idea of letting the crossbow hang on her back as a way to differentiate her from the earlier versions.

    A pose as dynamic as the art of her jumping/backflipping would be great as the No Quarter and Epic Eiryss cover the static and heroic poses nicely. Perhaps even wielding the bayonet in her off-hand.

  54. I would say going for a more stoic pose since she is an actual leader now. I think adding in some of the iconic white armor of the Retribution to give her unity with the army would be nice as well.

    I definetly suggest doing cloak down

  55. Assuming she’s the unit leader of any unit she connects to, and the unit(S) she connects to aren’t melee units, a heroic pose where she is pointing with one hand and would convey her authority.

    Also, I’d suggest going with armor and a bare face if she’s in command, to better convey her authority/emotional state to her troops.

  56. Hood down and some pieces of armor like those that Sylys have.

    I would love to see some art of a bald woman that still reflect her feminism.

  57. I understand it’s just concept art and not a final idea, but I think it would be interesting if, as a new mini, she were in the middle of a one-handed back hand spring while aiming/firing her crossbow. Barring that, maybe having her back against a tree/building corner and her head peeking around in the act of “sizing up” her quarry.

  58. I’d go for something sensual and less armoured, more like Gemma Arterton in Prince of Persia, something to show her travels.

    Dual xbow pistols would have been nice but guess not, so sword in hilt this time or perhaps holding it mark hammil style with the xbow slung.

    Think arabian pants, lots of stomach, hair showing for a change and lots of it, but still perhaps a hoodless cape

  59. If you could some how capture the back flipping pose over the iron fangs artwork in the Retribution book that would be a sculpt to see and I think it would cover all the bases.

    And I guess to see an upside down model would be an interesting challenge from sculpting to painting.

    Looking forward to the end result.


  60. Based on the current Iosian armor, I can’t say that less armor would make sense but if you consider the Mage Hunter solos you might have a case for somewhat less attire. Of course she could have some kind of minor arcantrik power field that allows her to absorb damage with less armor for more freedom of movement. That said, I think a girl with her level of sheer bad-assness could probably afford somewhat less cumbersome gear. She is an assassin after all. I say heroic but what might be interesting, especially if carried through her unit would be to have to group modeled next to trees, a large fence post or portion of a brick wall, even some broken jack parts. Each figure giving some sort of communicative hand gesture – but not THAT hand gesture! Save that for the green stuff!

  61. Well to chime in here as I share a love of this character as well, I agree with the Hood being down, and I think she should have, even just a little bit, of Ret armor to show she has fully joined up, even just an arm and boots. I like the idea of her in a pose of command leading her troops forth, but I say add a piece of rubble for her to have one foot upon, almost a “Captain Morgan: pose. I would also say something dynamic with the cloak, almost along the lines of eHaley…ok, now the visions running through my brain…..

  62. Screw a heroic pose. Eiryss is a rogue, when has a rogue ever been heroic? I would tease us with the hood, don’t leave it up, but dont put it down either. Though for that to be achieved she would have to be running after her quarry, or going into a crouch.
    Another option would be to have her mouth and nose wrapped revealing her hair, or lack therof. I like the idea of her with a symbol on her pauldrons. Though to do that she would probobly have to be in plate armor, something Eiryss could be accustomed to. Not that the Scryah plate is bulky. I would definately have her garbed similar to the unit/s she would be leading, after all she is taking on her national identity, time to show some pride.
    Having her sword forward is cliche, instead I would have her holding a sword like a ninja would hold his. The she would be bringing her crossbow up into firing position

    That’s my 2 cents

  63. I want to see her ANGRY.

    Stock upright, with malice in her eyes, marking everyone on the other side of the table for death. I’m no good at poses, but just make her seem bigger than she really is; she’s got confidence, authority, and motivation for Xenocide.

    I imagine all new armor styled after the current retribution theme, but keeping the iconic hooded cloak, which is tattered and frayed at the edges by now. She’s battle-worn and rough looking, her quiver is almost empty, and she standing over the corpse of some poor dead bastard.

  64. I love how so many are talking about hair. I’ve just assumed for awhile now that she was bald like the other mage hunter solos. Not knowing more details about the units she’ll attach to, I’m not sure how to suggest her next pose. I definitely like the idea of her taking on a heroic leader type of pose.

  65. In my opinion, there are five “beats” that make Eiryss “Eiryss.”

    1. The hood.

    2. The tattoo.

    3. The chainmail.

    4. The crossbow-bayonet.

    5. The nun’s-habit style headdress.

    What I’d like to see from Eiryss is this: Hood down, headdress flying like a scarf in the wind, leaping forward. Keep the armor the way it always has been. Make the cape fly. Give her a gritted-teeth expression and ferocious glare. Have her blade and crossbow held back, in the classic “running ninja” pose.

    Oh. And make her bald. The Iron Kingdoms needs more shaved-head chicks. 😀

  66. She was run through and Goreshade could have killed her instead of using her as Western Immoren’s twitter. Have Eiryss learn from that; a tummy tattoo and thong are great to see but less skin and more (appropriate) armor is in order.
    Visually I’d start with something like Kaelyssa but then lighten it further and adjust for the Eiryss-effect (kinda like Mass Effect but with a mage hunter). So three-quarter profile in a ready stance. Keep the chainmail on her thighs but then light armor plates to protect her shins (angled to deflect and if she were to do a thai style kick…) and light rounded outer thigh plates (again to deflect… nowhere near as bulky as Kaelyssa). She doesn’t want to sacrifice agility but she understands the need to protect herself..

    Breastplate and leather for her midsection. Doesn’t have to be thick (heavy) but enough to turn a thrust or slash into a deflection.
    Armor up her sword-arm lightly. Small shoulder piece with rank insignia that really only other Iosans could understand and plates down her arm like in the alt sculpt. Keep the leather (?) pieces from the Epic Sculpt and of course the chainmail on the arms ending at the elbow. This allows you to maintain the aesthetic but with a layer or practicality.

    Lose the hood and lose the cloak. As a unit leader, she needs to see everything going on and a trailing cloak is a liability for cheap grabs. If you must keep the cloak, tilt it to the side of the crossbow arm (wind, or simply repositioning to maximize sword-arm mobility. Tilt her head slightly and have her eyes assessing the scene.

    Don’t change the saber (although I am partial to serrated blades… don’t ask don’t tell… ok ok I like making my own sandwiches) and in a normal grip with the down and oriented off to the side slightly. Have the crossbow pointed forward, lining up a shot. I’d also suggest beefing it up slightly in appearance.

    That’s all I’ve got really.

  67. I think a medium armor approach is good: A breastplate, left arm is armored, right arm a little leather straps mothing more. The lower half of the body is covered with leather and cloth like robe. The pose: left arm close to her chest sword revers gripped close to her forearm. Little momentum(just before the charge). Right arm and crossbow lowered.

  68. I’m all for a “heroic action” pose, something with her in a starting leap or bound, with only part of her cloak touching the base(similar to ekruger).

  69. Most of my favorite heroes are not these all-powerful invincible nothing-can-touch-me types, they have their moments where things are looking kind of bleak and they need to really WANT the win in order to get it. So if Eiryss is leading troops into battle, I’d like to see her in the “take it to 11” pose where the fight has been going on for a while and she’s gotten a bit scuffed up, maybe a rip or tear on her cloak and her sword held in both hands in front of her. You know, the hit but not down, battered but not beaten look.

  70. Matt I firmly believe in your artistic creativity and since I can’t draw well enough to give you an idea, I’ll (hopefully) just give you thoughts that will guide your hands.

    Pose: Action, Heroic, Stealthy?
    What type of unit UA will she be for and what abilities will she add? Similar to the Trencher UA and Sniper. You wouldn’t draw up a vanilla trooper standing with a sniper rifle just like the other trenchers, you’d go for something thematic for a sniper like propping his gun on a sandbag. Heroic is more of a mindset than an action. Given her lore, I’d say mix heroic into it. If she’s pat of a stealthy unit, go stealthy heroic or action heroic if the shoe fits.

    Costume: More armor? More skin?
    – If she’s part of a stealth unit, More skin would be a tactical error. While it’s always fun (from a male’s perspective) to have spunky looking skimpy leather clad folks, make her look her armor stat and some of her abilities. If she’s a stealth model, it would be unfortunate to see her in a leather “war” bikini (Not for any other reason than aesthetics, mind you). A stealthy ninja-ish who’s mostly nude entails that you’re either a chameleon or an idiot. If she’s going more Commander-ish with the UA role, I’d definitely add a few points of armor (especially if she’s been inducted into the ranks of Ios). I would add some elements of Sylys’ armor or something to that effect. Some retribution-ish (small) pauldrons or gauntlets. Their famous leg armor (but not too big).
    I assume same weapons, so I’d have her using her blade since her sculpts seem to be centered around her crossbow.

    Details: Hood up or hood down?
    Given the amount of bravado (I picture) Eiryss has (having), I’d do the hood down. Full face revealed. The retribution is not a secret anymore! I believe the Iosans want people to know who’s killing them by this time.
    Also good place to check is ask Doug Seacat and/or the other fiction writers what they plan to do with her and draw an action sequence from the fluff. I’m always game for that kind of stuff. It tells me that the drawing/sculpting dept actually communicates to the writing dept.

    If you want, I can draw something up and e-mail it to you. I left my e-mail in the info, hit me if you want some ideas (please don’t take it as the final product, just for ideas, I’m not that great…).

  71. I would say hood down, but her pose should show what her rules do. If she can now do more in mellee then emphasize that – if its sneaky then perhaps she’s twirling her cloak by the corner to distract the opponent while the sword goes straight for the gut.

    The MHSF UA already looks like a hood up eiryss so this needs to be really different.

    Hood down, shows how much of a REVEAL it is, and how long she’s been moving amongst humanity with her own purpose. If however she will also work as a Mercenary Faction army list, then please keep the hood up, maybe even pull it down further to hide her face.

    Also, a bald head gives a LOT more room for distinct tatoos from your hobbyist gamer fans.

  72. So hazarding a guess on why she is becoming a UA means a shift in what the Retribution are doing and how much momentum they are picking up in Ios.
    A heroic type pose would be what I would favour. Hood down with no head covering at all.

    For me when I image how she would look without the hood I for some reason picture Storm from Uncanny X-Men #173, no real reason behind that which I can explain it

  73. I’d think she’d have started picking up a bit more ‘human styling’ in order to better move through their ranks, maybe a little more skin, but complemented with asymmetrical armor pieces. One shoulder pad and armored arm maybe, her mobility is a huge part of the character in fluff and rules both, lots of armor just doesn’t make sense. Don’t do the ‘on a piece of terrain’ thing, it’s very restrictive if doing theme basing for armies or anything like that. I’d love to see the hood thrown back,hair and cloak flowing in the wind. Dual wielding some hand crossbows would be pretty sweet, but alas I suppose she’s still got the one xbow and sword. Eiryss is the first model I ever owned for Warmachine from back at her first release, sat on a shelf for years, and then finally came out to play and was the deciding factor for me picking up Retribution.

  74. This seems like a great opportunity for a full reveal; she’s not flitting from army to army any more – she’s stepping into the open as a Retribution operative and leader, – so it’s time to show her true self.
    I’d love to see her drop the cloak (maybe it’s even there on the ground behind her) or have it wound around one arm so it’s out of the way because… it’s time for business. 🙂

    Showing her (presumably bald, perhaps scarred?) head would be a great nod at her showing her true colors and revealing her loyalties. That and it would be really cool to see a bald yet feminine head next to all the bald male heads in the faction.

    I’ve only been around the game for a relatively short time, but is much really known about her origins? Was she maybe connected more directly to the fane of Scyrah? I know that that’s just one of the mysteries that keeps us all intrigued, so even just a tiny hint at her origins would be good… since you know her better than any of us, maybe the hints are already there. 🙂

    Her existing armor is full of form and function, so I don’t think it needs much of a change. I could see replacing the chain mail with the (for lack of better term) strappy armor that the rest of the mage hunters seem to like. And the leader shoulder pad is a great idea.

    I’d say less skin this time. Maybe even a high collar of the strappy armor if she’s going bare headed. She’s already a scalpel, making her even more sleek would only add to that.

    As for the pose, I love the idea of a cold, icy-calm, power-pose for her. Both weapons in hand, relaxed but ready at her sides, head turned slightly towards one shoulder, surveying her prey. Maybe she has one knee slightly bent with her foot up on a stone.
    I don’t see her as the “sword over her head, barking orders” leader… She leads by example.

    Whatever you come up with, I can’t wait to see her next incarnation.

  75. I actually think hood up, without the hood she could end up looking too much like the other Retribution characters. The hood is kind of a defining feature.

    More armour, what about keeping the existing style but made from retribution materials instead of plate and chain.

    as for pose I think it’s time for a defiant standing stoic pose. her other poses have played on the assasin side. Maybe it’s time for her to stand out in the open.

  76. I did not have time to render out everything before I had to get on with actual work. But this is the pose I would go with:

    I tried to get my little gestural thumbnails in there. they’re quite vague but perhaps useful..

    The thought is she just finished a melee fight and is looking to the next fight or perhaps a fleeing trooper. She holds the crossbow like a sword in suggestion that she may not have time, or care to, fire off a couple arrows before the next fight.

    I started rendering armor, but I figured that’s the fun part, and that’s your interest anyways.
    But if I did my thinking would be:
    – Switch the shoulder chainmail sleeves to scale mail and have them “feather style” over her shoulders into two long drapes that connect to her primary cloak via straps. In that Retribution Battle mage solo style.
    – I’d keep the hood, it’s important to her silhouette, also, it might as well BE her hair at this point since we have no idea what her hair actually looks like.
    – I’d minimize armor plating, return to thin belts and leather. She’s always been glass, why fool yourself by wearing armor?
    – Return the lingerie & stockings style belts. Just does it, we’ll love it.

    Quade Reid
    Formally: Water, on the fourms.

  77. Here is what I would do. I think you want to maintain around 85% of her original design and augment it in a way that helps identify her as a true retribution Mage Hunter of Renown.

    Leave her cloak similar to her No Quarter sculpt but add a smaller, elbow length cloak on top that expands the feather design of her second incarnation. As an alternate, you could give her a new cloak that is a mix of her original, but split it into 3 parts like the Battle Mage and use the feather design to replace the straps that hold the three parts together. I would also replace the straps on her boots with the same leather feathers.

    Next, pull her hood back but leave the head wrapped in cloth. Using Mr. Walton’s original concept sketches for various Retribution models, I would also add a long, lightly armored loincloth similar to Rhan’s with an insignia or symbol of some sort to help tie her into her faction better and stand out from the other Mage Hunter models that she is likely to accompany as the commander. This loincloth should hug her hips and leave her midriff exposed without sacrificing the belt that has been present in every form.

    Finally, I would use a new pose. One that is aggressive. In her original sculpt, she seemed to be on the defensive even though it was very dyanamic. Her No Quarter special sculpt is a lithe but dangerous pose that seemed rather passive. The Eiryss2 incarnation had a very steathy feel to it as if she was silently stalking her prey in the streets below. If you use an aggressive pose, I would shift her quiver to her hip for her crossbow bolts, her crossbow strapped to her back with the blade pointing up and away from her. She should be charging forward with her arms positioned similar to the Soulless weapon attachment or she could could have her cloak as her contact point to the base and be in mid-jump with her sword raised high as if she is landing near her intended victim ready to assassinate them in a single blow.

    I would not use the crossbow pointed forward and the sword arm raised but bent at the elbow. It is over used in my opinion. Eiryss3 deserves better than that form of stock pose.

  78. I wanna see her posed shoulder on (towards the front), looking over her shoulder with her knife out in one hand horizontally, lateral to her body, and her other hand on the heel of the blade as if she’s about to strike and ram the blade in hard with her second hand.

  79. Cool, Matt! I look forward to seeing this model. Hood down, definitely!

    Please go with less skin, more armor. Less exploitation is good for your soul.

  80. We have had dodge back, we’ve had static, we’ve had stealthily stalking…hmmm all badass, loving the eiryss sculpts btw she’s one of my favourite characters.

    How about this, in a melee combat Eiryss is hacking, slashing, and kicking with a ballet dancers grace. Then something tingles on the back of her neck, she ducks and spins bow ready to fire at the approaching enemy behind her. Her cloak flows with a heavy grace around her before the arrow leaves the crossbow to pierce the left ventricle of her enemies heart.

    I propose eiryss be drawn at the moment just before the arrow leaves the bow.

  81. I think it is important to retain her batman/ninja feeling, as this is the skill set that has created the success and reason she would be sourced to lead the new units. I would like to see her in a low pose, a 3 point stance, one leg extended out to the side as though she has just dropped out of a tree. Crossbow slung, sword in hand. Obviously she would need something to stand on to give her some height back though. Art wise I see her posed as such in a calm manner while radiating a deadly intensity that is demonstrated in the actions of the unit around her. Originally viewed as charging past her, but if charging is not their thing then I am unsure.

    Hood or no hood, slightly prefer unhooded, but I have always assumed bald or at least something utilitarian.

    Armour I think only minor changes would be necessary but changes should be informed by those around her. Based on the unit, light armour and maximum stealth may still be necessary

  82. I think hood down, leaping forward, almost like a running pose. sword in her right hand, arms stretched out behind her as if she were running between two enemies, after having just decapitated someone. Crossbow in her left hand

  83. I’d love to see her using her weapons alternatively, ie using her crossbow as a pivot as she’s jumping in the air kicking someone with a daggar coming from her boot. Her cloak could be flowing is a vey dynamic way similar to the Major Victoria Haley figure.
    And we see under her cloak a grapple and hook. Or maybe another pose could be with the grapple and hook (but that might distract from her rules). But I’m also a fan of her cloak hood being off her head, whether that means we see her hair or that it’s wrapped in cloth is up to you Matt but it would make her distinct to the other variations of her. Maybe the cloth could be wrapped around her mouth to still have that sinister look about her.

    Now I’m just writing down whatever pops into my head 😛

    I’ll shutup now 🙂 Looking forward to the end result though.

  84. If she is going to be in a unit, she should be doing something relevant to that, but please, NOT POINTING! Perhaps we could see her using her sword… let’s face it, there’s only so many ways to hold a crossbow… a sword is a different story.

    I think that if she’s in a unit, she wont need as much armour so more skin should be the order of the day, and scantly clad females should be a staple in any fantasy. Id like to see some evolution on her as a character so perhaps some more tattoos? Lol, just don’t go too weird and make her pregnant 😉 you could always make her flipping through the air? Knowing her new rules should help you dictate what she is doing as its always good (and helpful) to have a model on the board that does what its rules tells us it can do.

    Personally I hope you fail matt, I don’t want to see another version of her, more so if she makes the cheese hunters even more cheesier (they are hard enough to deal with as it is!!!)

  85. Her defeat suffered by Goreshade should play into her design.

    She has always seemed cool-headed and collected in her grim art, but recent events have changed her into a hardened member of the Retribution. Her wound at Goreshade’s hand is a mark of her conviction and the gaps in her armor where the blade slid through her have never been repaired for it. She leads members of the Retribution to war, no longer an Angel, but an Archangel; a harbinger carrying the wrath of Retribution to its enemies.

    -Anger, rage, revenge: A pose which shows she leads hardened soldiers with a vengeance. Weapon dramatically off to her side, with a clenched fist forward and steeled eyes set toward her enemy. Legs set further apart and stooped slightly in an almost feral pose of rage.
    -Desperation, Destruction: Her armor worn, her cloak in tatters and a clear gap in her armor where her own blade ran her through.

  86. If she’s being a UA for a specific new unit, she should look like she fits into it.

    Second, if she’s a UA for a specific existing unit, make her look like she belongs with them.

    Third, if she’s a more universal attachment like that Soulless dude, or the Attendant Priest, then make her look like classic Eiryss, but echo what she brings to the unit with her pose. If she grants stealth, make her look stealthy. If she grants AD, make her point forward with her sword. If she grants disruption, give her the smug look that you know players will have when fielding her. I’m sure you know what I’m getting at.

    Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

  87. I think a more action ready heroic pose would be cool. Something like this-
    -Slight crouch with right leg more forward
    -Sword arm slightly bent with sword just below eye level and horizontally in front of her like she is looking over the blade at opponents
    -Crossbow arm bent at elbow and closer to the waist facing forward ready to shoot from under the her blade

    As for her outfit, i would keep most of it the same, but add in some shoulder armor similar to sentinels(but smaller) and have her cape going over the back of them. Maybe, add in some addition armor on the lower legs, but keep most of the central outfit similar to the previous versions. Her hood should be thown back with her BALD head exposed so we can see her whole head. Very risque I know, we could see her shiny dome and ears (more tattoo room).

    Just a few thoughts on what I think may look cool with her.

  88. I second the person who mentioned her aiming her crossbow with both hands. Her original, original fluff (wow… was Prime MkI almost ten years ago…?) mentioned that she preferred to hunt from a distance rather than getting her hands dirty (yet she had weapon master on her bayonet and sabre anyway???), and while she’s meant to have undergone some major transformation to get to her 3rd incarnation, it would work to have some things stay the same. Or, her near-fatal close encounter with Goreshade could have only inspired her to stay even further away from close combat and hone her ranged skills to an even finer edge.
    In my fervour, I couldn’t resist scribbling an idea of how her back could be laid out. I apologise for my abject lack of drawing skill: http://tinyurl.com/eiryss-3
    Could have the cape billowing out behind her while she aims, that way her armour/details can be seen and also ends up being a more heroic sort of pose.
    As for her hood, given that eEVlad has parts for both wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet, would it be possible to do the same with Eiryss and have a hooded and non-hooded head on a sprue?
    Wow, what have -I- gotten myself into…?

  89. I”d love to see her in the middle of something acrobatic. Like in the middle of a back flip while firing off a snap shot with her crossbow.

  90. Definitely not more skin.
    I’d love to see the heroic leadership pose, maybe with one weapon sheathed and that hand pointing. I’d say hood down; its time for people to know who she is.
    Love the shoulder armor idea from a ways up.
    No more skin, can’t stress that enough; one of the things I love about WM is that (most) of the women are actually dressed like they’re going into a fight and not a strip club, please don’t change that. We have enough trouble getting women to play as it is, at least keep this selling point.

    Cannot wait for this, been wondering why she’s still working for the humans.

  91. I’ve read a lot of good ideas, and some that do not appeal to me.

    Things I like:
    – Hood down, shoulder length (possibly tied back hair). [The painter in me loves painting hair.]
    – Additional Armor: borrow boots from Mage Hunters, perhaps a smaller version of a shoulder pad from a Scyir? But keep the chain mail.
    – Crossbow on back or hip. It’s time for the Sword to be the icon weapon.
    – Add a lower face mask like Narn. (Covers nose down.)
    – Either an action pose or a command pose. I’m thinking hand-signal-pose might be cool.
    – What about loosing the cloak completely?

  92. I honestly think, as far as aesthetics you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, but for the pose, something like Valachev, but with more of her signature swagger, and definitely hood down, and make her a chrome dome. She’s a fanatic with her head shaved!

  93. While she was still working for humans she was always quiet hiding her true hatred to mankind(and others). Now that she is a part of the retribution she dosent have to do that anymore! Now she can be as angry as you’d like her to
    be. And what is the best place to look inspiration for an angry righoeus soul who wants to burn everything? Menoth of course. There you can find plenty of poses for someone like erys

  94. Naked! Just kidding…. kind of. No really I’m kidding. I’d actually say less skin, I hate that heroic leaders in fantasy are too cool to wear full armour in battle.

    Some sort of Heroic pose. I’d assume this is MHSF so she has to stand out from her brothers and sisters as the real BA of the group. She also has to look like she’s motioning the others commands I think. Crossbow hoisted upwards at the ready and sword pointing. Cloak billowing in the wind.

  95. I suggest having one or both weapons sheathed. And I like the idea above showing her tracking some prey. I dunno what rules she’ll have, but a pose that supports this would be nice.

  96. Sounds awesome. Can you not make her perched on some sort of city fixture. Looks silly to have her e version on a buildingtop hidden in some woods on the table.

    Nq version is my favorite model. In the whole line. I have3… phenominal job on that one.

  97. Please, please don’t get into the fantasy female armour trope. Thats all I ask. Other then that I’d like to see a heroic pose, maybe its time for Eiryss to come out of the shadows and be a leader, soem kind of charging pose would be pretty sweet I think.

  98. I see her crouching, crossbow in front and pointed to the floor, similar armour etc as now but ranking insignia.

    Her head is down but looking forward as though tracking. Her off hand is signalling behind her with fingers indicating an advance.

    Not opposed to her being on scenery again 🙂

  99. I would love to see Eiryss without hood…

    It´s about time that we see our favourite elf girl without it and her lovely ears ^^ !
    Also I guess you should not put her in heavy armor, too.

    I have nothing against more skin but showing less is also a no go.
    Keep up the good work!

  100. Hood down, revealing hair and ears.

    Make her shouting orders maybe?

    Also she never holds her crossbow in two hands, but it could do well to convey more determination on her part. Her saber usually stays sheathed as far as the table top is concerned, but she has it drawn in every sculpt and in every art piece of her.

  101. Maybe have her aiming her crossbow, but holding it in two hands, cloak blowing and hair in the wind/bald scalp in the sun. But keep the cloak. The 2 things that make Eiryss recognisable from the other side of the table is the cloak and bow. And it is a gaming mini after all 🙂

  102. I’d go with a modified MHA uniform, maybe combine the one she has now with that. A bit of skin, just because in some places on the body, realistically, chainmail would hamper movement. That, or maybe give her more of a leather body armor look, ditch the chainmail completely. You could even add some small bits of armor over the leather. Kinda like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_21c2sfFKqC0/SbKQpLbbtvI/AAAAAAAAA58/-u1iM1qtSa4/s400/sienna-miller-g-i-joe.jpg

    Or go with some of the banded armor like the MHSF and MHA have.

    I’d definitely vote for hood down if she has lovely hair and ears, but hood up if she’s bald.

    For the pose, something with her dodging an attack, almost pirouetting to avoid it, a lot like that backflip image someone posted earlier. Not so much the revenge aspect, more graceful, fluid movement.

  103. It would help to know what kind of unit she would be leading. But my take is if she’s leading a unit he sculpt should imply it somehow. If she’s going to be shouting orders her head shouldn’t be hooded but have some form of head gear that doesn’t hide her face, which could be in mid-shout. She could use either of her weapons as a pointer, preferably the sword. The bow can be pointing in another direction or she could have it readied.
    If she’s leading sneakies then he pose should be more covert, low stance maybe leaning over a rock outcropping signalling to whoever she’s leading. Or maybe still in a low profile but clearing sprinting towards her quarry weapons drawn. Her head should be hooded in either of these cases.
    As for her design, once again it should be determined by who she’s leading. If she’s going to be out front maybe a somewhat stripped down version of Scyrah’s heavy armor (Just enough to offer improved mobility). If she’s going to be sneaking about, mobility issues aside it’s still war and exposed skin would be a target so I’d say some form of leather armor, with added reinforcement in vital spots for added protection.
    As for her head if it is visible, either short hair or bald (emulating her mentor). I get the feeling her ears my give more depth towards why she hates humanity and this might be the perfect chance for us to find out.

  104. Gotta be hood down, ears out. It sounds like she’s back home now helping the good guys against the dirty humans, no need to hide the ears.

  105. I think the armor is fine as it is on the normal Epic model. As for the model itself…

    Heroic is the way to go. She’s the only double epic ret’s going to get for a long time, so she needs to be epic in her appearance.

    As a basis, take Skarre’s pose. Minus the busted up ship part, but kind of stepping up on something like she’s moving forward. Stones preferably. The hood is down, she’s looking off center, towards the left. She’s got shoulder length hair that’s matted down and brushed back. Like this

    Hair :: http://www.glamour.com/beauty/blogs/girls-in-the-beauty-department/0223-claire-danes-slicked-back-hair-side_bd.jpg

    In her right hand, her crossbow, pointed up, bent at the elbow like the epic. In her left hand, the sword, pointing out towards where she’s looking, like a conquering heroine.

    Now the cloak. She’s the Angel of Retribution. We’re not just talking about Angel of Retribution of Scyrah, we’re talking about an Angel of Retribution. Someone who’s gone further than anyone has before in destroying all who wronged her people. All who are still wronging their people. She needs need to be grim, slightly sinister but elegant and graceful. Try to allude the cloak as wings, or just deliberately put wings on her cloak. Without wings, how does an angel fly?

  106. I’d go with less skin and more armor. I think keeping something close to her fist incarnation outfit would be good. I agree with others who have said to let the hood down.

    As far as pose goes: leading a charge, crossbow in front and sword out, face full of determination/anger and screaming a bloody battle cry the likes to make a Banshee blush.

    Alternatively, how about running a Greylord through with her sword. Not sure how feasible this would be on a medium base but it would certainly be epic. I suggest running one through because we already have enough models floating around with decapitated heads.

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