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Maintaining a blog, I’ve found, isn’t easy. It’s kind of become a fourth job. The hard part isn’t the writing. I crank out pages of emails, stories, and outlines every day. For me, the difficult part is in coming up with that next idea that will make an interesting article. Some articles, like the Eiryss concept discussion, write themselves. Others are more timely and in the moment, springing from some fit of inspiration to become words and pictures on the page. But whether it’s focused content with wide appeal or the muddled musings of a mad man, I find it a bit of a trick to get out in front of my self-imposed publishing schedule.

Office for Emergency Management. War Production Board, 1942. Public Domain Image retrieved from Wikimedia Commons

I’ve had great success harvesting loads of responses from the new Eiryss design and WARMACHINE VS. Iron Kingdoms movie topics. Today, I’m looking for suggestions and questions on topics that would make content on this blog interesting to you. Broadly, my area of expertise is ‘creativity’, but I dual-wield writing and illustration, and I specialize in game design. I’m multi-classing as a writer-artist-filmmaker-game designer-businessman so I can cover a lot of topics that relate to the production side of genre-based media. I frequently get emails from college students working on papers or aspiring artists and game designers looking for tips or advice on how to pursue a career path, and I may start adapting these to blog entries as well, but I’d like to find out what interests the people who have eyes on this site — beyond just sneak peaks of new miniatures when I have something to leak!

So, be general or be specific and post your ideas in the comments section. If someone posts an idea you really like, give it an extra ‘Here here!’ and I’ll know that’s something I should give extra consideration to. I’ll use your suggestions and ideas to generate delicious content for future blog entries that will hopefully build this site into a resource for anyone interested in ‘creativity’.

The Office for Emergency Management thanks you for your support.

17 thoughts on “The Suggestion Box

  1. I love reading business success stories and with Privateer being in business for over 10 years I’m sure you have a lot to reflect about. I’m interested in reading about how you started, the struggles and how you overcame them to build such a successful business.

    • Hmmm…memoirs…I might have a few war stories…I usually tell those in dimly lit bars after too many beers, but I’ll try to come up with some that are safe to divulge publicly!

  2. I’d love to hear more about the future of Monsterpocalypse(if there is one). Such a great system, I’d hate to see it lost in Dreamworks “to do” pile.

  3. I’d like to see articles on game design. The ins and outs of it, creating balance between different elements, going from idea to rules to game in the store to updates, etc.

  4. I would love to see a reflection on how some of your old concepts have changed and morphed over the years. Do you still some L5R stuff and think “Man, when I came up with that it was totally different and they took it in a neat direction”. How about how some of the Warmahordes characters you started the plot lines on turned out. How things got shaped when you had to move on for whatever reasons 🙂

    An article about things to do and not do when entering the hobby business would be cool as well. You started a small company thqat exploded into this huge corporation and grabbed in thousands of players when no other new game was competiting on that level. Some others have come since and exploded on to the market. What helped you? What mistakes did you make?

  5. I too would like to hear about the early years of Privateer Press and what went into getting started.

    I would also like to hear about the methodology you use to get your stories from the id to paper.

  6. I’d like to read about the process of how something goes from the general idea on your head (or on someone else’s head) to concept, illustration, game mechanics, re-imagining (if any) and the whole process until is written in stone or published. I’m sure there are some examples that can explain us something about the whole creative/designer/publisher business.

    • Great stuff (same to you, Brian C) — I’ll work on something that gets into the creative process. That’s what I’m talking about!

  7. Personally, I would love to hear your thoughts on the “Desert Island Scenario”…

    If you were stranded on a Desert Island and you could only have ONE of the each of the following to entertain you for the rest of your stay on that island, what would it be:

    1. Movie (trilogies, sagas and epics count as 1 singular story – i.e. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars)
    2. Television Show or Series
    3. Book (Novel, Series or Graphic Novel)
    4. Soundtrack or Album
    5. Meal

    It’s one of the more fun games to pass the time. For example, my #1 movie that I would watch on infinite loop: Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Hands down, no questions asked. Fact.


    • Doing this might reveal way too much about me, but I think I’ll get this one locked & loaded for a future post. ONE is SO hard, though! Just one of each??? Ack!

  8. Hey Matt,
    You have such an eclectic mix when it comes to insight for me I’d love to read about how you take your creative sparks and turn them into reality. Many people are creative, but creativity doesn’t actually lead to invention/creation without effort. It might be nice to get some insight into how you keep your creative ideas moving toward reality. Or how you decide which idea you pursue and which you shelve.


  9. Definitely would like to hear war stories about the early days of Privateer. Been a rabid fan since I first read the original Witchfire adventures. How did all of this start?

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