Eiryss 3: Work Complete

Still reeling from Comic Con 2012, I’m a little late getting this post up. But after some pointed discussion on the practicality of the new pistol-crossbow/gunblade (Awe! See what I did there?) and a little dialog on how to handle the two different hood and head options, I’m happy to present the final concept for the third incarnation of the Iron Kingdoms’ most beloved, feared and hated mage-hunter, Eiryss.

In the interest of time, I’ll go against my nature and let the drawings speak for themselves. This has been a fantastic experiment and there were more than a few ideas that found their way from the online discussions to the final concept. Naturally, it’s impossible to accommodate the first choice of every single person and some of the choices here will be polarizing, to say the least. But that’s how you know it’s a delicacy and not a cheeseburger, if you follow what I mean.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and offer suggestions. This one is done (as in, I’m not touching it again, so don’t even think about it!), but I’ve got another concept coming up that I’m really looking forward to, a new Cryxian warcaster (of sorts), and I’ll give you this one hint: HE is HUMAN.

Stop speculating and look at the pretty pictures. Hope you like it!

(As always, please feel free to post a link, but do not re-post the images, puh-lease! Thanks!)

46 thoughts on “Eiryss 3: Work Complete

  1. Man, this is extremely cool. I’m pretty excited about this and hope the sculptor moves this concept seamlessly to 3D. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about the whole no hood thing. Then I became a believer. But now after seeing how awesome the design for the hood and cloak are I think I have to go that route. Dammit!!!!! good job, Matt.

  2. The best solution would be sculpts that allowed for a head swap with and without hood to accomodate everyone’s pleasure.

  3. Can they do the final sculpt with the Crossbow folded back like that?

    That would mean that my Battle Foam wouldn’t be full of Mage Hunter Strike Force crossbow bits like it currently is. Can’t get those suckers to stay for the life of me.

    This looks amazing though! Holy crap! Where do I pre-order?

  4. Here’s to hoping the new Cryxian warcaster is EPIC KARCHEV… That would be too frickin’ cool! Am I right? You know I am….

  5. Very good. All these posts were very exciting. Thanks for them Mr. Wilson. Now just counting the day we can see the other interesting part about her (the rules)

  6. Matt, you have an amazing talent to make me purchase everything you (and Privateer Press) do. Bravo!

    I LOVE this!

  7. Looks good and its really interesting with the head swap.
    For the cryx caster I have to go with my gut feeling and say I think its Derragh Wrathe getting the epic treatment.

  8. Really kickass job there Mr. Wilson. I’m liking the 2 blades as well so she definitely looks like she will fit with the MHR (Mage Hunter Razors as I call them) as well as the MHSF. I may have to snag 2 of her to see whether I prefer the hood up or down option on her model.

    Also is this humanish warcaster a character we have encountered before or someone new?

  9. Is he a pirate? Cryx could really use another pirate themed warcaster, currently there is only Skarre and multiple pirate units.

  10. I’m sure more people than just me suggested head options, but I’m going to go ahead and believe that it was mostly my idea XD
    The cape is looking amazing so far, and while I’m a bit skeptical on the crossbow’s blade, it will probably grow on me.
    And as a total derail – when where and how do I get that alternate Ashlynn??

  11. I like both head ideas enough I might just have to try a magnet mod just so I can put whichever head I feel like showing off at the time. I wonder how feasible it’ll be to do that. I also like the idea of a folded “bladed gunbow” option packed in.

  12. Is this new warcaster part of the fleet, or a necrotech, or a warwitch(wizard, since male) or something unassociated with the various parts of Cryx, like the Witch Coven? Can you confirm that this new caster is still alive? Also, any plans for a Malathrax model?

  13. Ok, a bunch of us are kinda freaking out about this new Cryx caster. The big question for us is contextual though. Does the “Of sorts” refer to the Cryxian part, the Human part, or the Warcaster part? The fate of the world depends on it! (Or at least our relatively small amount of sanity for the next few months)

    Also, Eiryss looks AWESOME. I love the retracting bow concept, and her blade-wielding style. Makes me wish I could get the concept stuff as prints, haha. Keep up the good work, and thanks for bringing us such a great game set in such a rich universe!

    • Wow! For Khador players, you guys sure are a sensitive bunch! πŸ™‚

      No one said ‘Karchev’. Not past Karchev, not present Karchev, not future Karchev. It’s not Karchev. Sleep better tonight!

      Besides, if we turned Karchev into a Cryxian caster, he wouldn’t be able to defect to Cygnar once Nemo rescues his fleshy bits in the next book.

  14. It will be cool to see a another human Cryx caster. For those not yet read up on the RPG descriptions of the Cryxian nation, there’s a lot more living things there than WM fluff usually goes into.

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    The two options for headgear (hood up or down) is awesome! I like the pose also. I loved seeing the process on this work… thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh so very nice. Hood up she’ll make a perfect Epic for Mercenary use as I’ve never been able to get past the corner of a building moving around the battlefield. πŸ˜‰

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