Stryker 3 — Work in Progress

I promised a progress update on the Stryker 3 concept art this week. I haven’t gotten that far with the actual art; much of the time spent on this so far has been thought and conversation.

The conversations are probably the more interesting subjects at this point. The original brief more or less called for Epic Stryker on a horse, with potentially heavier armor. While we had a draft of the new rules in development, fortunately it hadn’t gone into play testing so there was some room to brainstorm with Jason Soles about what we might do differently with Cygnar’s poster child.

Warm up jams, playing with ideas. And the ugliest sketch of Stryker’s mug you’ve ever seen.

I derived a lot of inspiration from the landslide of comments to my original post about this concept. Something I was keen on was evolving Stryker’s armor and weapons somehow, and I thought it was time to get back to Stryker’s roots — before he was a warcaster. So after some back and forth with Jason, we decided on Quicksilver 3 — now enhanced with Stormglaive technology. I mean, come on, isn’t it about time that the leader of the Storm Division started slinging some lighting bolts around? To that end, I took a little out of Quicksilver’s haft since Stryker will be swinging this one-handed from the saddle, and I added the signature coils from the Stormglaive to give the Lord Commander his most formidable weapon yet.

Rough block in of shapes for Stryker’s armor, plus QUICKSILVER MKIII!

The rest is really rough so far, working out new shapes and details in his armor. You might notice some similarities to Nemo’s epic armor styling. This is intentional. I figure Nemo has the kinks worked out in this whole storm-chamber powered armor now, and some of the aspects he perfected in his own suit would help stabilize Stryker’s [misappropriated] prototype armor. I’m also adding some weight to it; this will be the bulkiest Stryker yet, with heavy torso armor and some extra plating on his arms and legs, taking advantage of the fact that his mobility is taken care of by the mount. Since Stryker will finally be up on the high horse everyone has always accused him of, he’s ditched the duster. His silhouette loses something for me without the long coat, but I’m hoping once he’s in the saddle, it won’t be missed.

No real work done yet on the horse. I’ve got some ideas on where I’m going, but I need to go back to Jason with some new thoughts and I promised not to bug him anymore this week while he’s jamming on the next IKRPG book. Stay tuned for a horse update in the next couple of weeks. This whole project is supposed to be done by the end of the month, but I think I’m going to be begging Ed Bourelle for a deadline extension. (Here’s your notice, Ed!)

(As always, please post links, but not the pics! Thanks!)


It’s seems not everyone is a fan…

Suck it, Norm! This one’s for you, brother. 🙂



33 thoughts on “Stryker 3 — Work in Progress

  1. You know I love your work bro but…

    Stryker with goggles down is no bueno for me. It seems like when his goggles are down he’s relaxing. Strkyer (to me) is never relaxed; he’s always tense, always on guard, always alert, always looking for the next way to defend his people, always, always, always.

    I know this posted work is early in the progression, but he really feels like a beefed up JMWC and not the battle hardened Stryker that got me into playing the game.

    For me – your perfect illustration of Stryker was his original black and white starter card from 2002-2003. He was all business in that shot, with Quicksilver at the ready and HUGE hair.

    That’s the Stryker that I’d like to see evolve. That’s the one that turned into Lord Commander and drove himself tirelessly through the fire and the rubble to reach Feora.

    I hope he’s still there somewhere towards the end of this new progression.

  2. Sounds like its coming along! As I said before I think a gun-sword is where it is at with his progression. Carrying a banner into battle to push the advance=win!

  3. Great work so far Matt. Random thoughts:

    How bout a cape, right under the plates holding the lightning coils on his back? Adds that extra punch to the silhouette?

    I love the Quicksilver MK3! Its looking great! What about a smaller lightning coil extending on each side of the crossguard? It may add something, but if it makes the silhouette of the sword too busy then forget it.

    What about extending the hip armor a little more down each leg? It may look weird if he was standing, but on a horse it may look cool!

    Dont mean to be presumptuous with my ideas, just enjoying the process!!


  4. And to be clear, by gunsword I mean combining the disruptor pistol into Quicksilver 3 giving it a ranged attack.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. LOL! Just wanted to get into your head early my man! Hopefully…hope……I can get even the most remote sliver of art direction in there just from my feedback (cough – goggles on – cough)

    I have all the faith in the world that Stryker 3 will be your masterpiece. For all the years I have played Warmachine, I have only cheated on Stryker ONCE (with Siege of course).

    He will to this day and probably for all time – be the only Warcaster I’ll ever play – why (some of your readers will ask?)

    Because he DEMANDS perfection to win…wait…this is a discussion on his new design…(snapping out of my Stryker love fest…)

    Your design for Lord Commander was perfect. That will be tough to beat 🙂

  6. I’m diggin’ it, Matt.

    The only thing I’m a little worried about is mounted figures on 2 legs. The Charging Stryker does look cool, though.

  7. I love QS3 and the bulkiness of Stryker, he is missing a little without his duster, but as you said before, Stryker started to become a monster and changed. With that change he could have easily wanted to ditch the duster to open himself more to the people, to that effect I’m not feeling a cape, that is too regal for him.

    For Stryker’s horse (who, in my opinion, needs a name) I picture him heavily armored, to mimic Stryker, even going so far as to have some storm coils on him. The next idea may be a little over powered, but an idea for rules at that point could be a critical stun from the horse’s stomp.

    As I said before, I would mimic the armor of Stryker. Avoid, to an extent, plate armor, that is too reminiscent of Vyros’s, Vlad’s, and Kreoss’, mounts as well as the new Cryx mounts, Cygnar would find something sleeker for their golden boy.

  8. I absolutely love the pose at the bottom of that sketch… the horse leaping forward, Quicksilver slung back in preparation to strike, &c. If you happen to go with that for the final pose, you might consider keeping the duster—that thing billowing behind him just might make that post even more badass. 😀

  9. Still hopin’ we’ll get both heads! I also agree with the sentiment that he could use some cloth on him. Cape, tabard, those shoulder drapes like Kraye has . . . something.

  10. I think it is coming along nicely, Quicksilver 3 is perfect, I really like the armor so far especially the arm, in my opinion the collar could be beefier to accentuate the heavy armor feel.

    With more rivets, perforated plates added he will look pretty good and don’t lose the wires/hoes coming from his backpack !!!

    P.S. The ”Bizness” head is much better. goggles on all the way especially if he is riding full speed on his horse

  11. I think the main issue I have with the armor right now is I think the duster elements were kind of a lot of his image. Without at least some fabric about, he actually right now looks a bit too sci-fi, if that makes sense. The trenchcoat elements to the original design pulled it back into the industrial/steampunk stuff that I think fits IK a bit better.

    It might not look as bad on the horse, but I do think some way of making the suit look more sleek and high tech, but still grounded in the older asthetic wouldn’t hurt. Maybe look at some 1940s/1950s soldier or police armor, or somethingyou’d see on a SWAT team somehow. Bulky, but still kind of “fabricy” I guess.

    And stuff.

  12. Thanks for the update Mat! so will he have a sheild in the other hand or will it be holding the reins of the horse?

    I agree he looks more scifi at the moment, if im honest, the coils dont look ‘right’ perhaps his back could be just a aewsome cape with coild sticking out?

    for my understanding of the charcter, he needs to look a bit darker, i dont know… a scar? something to make his face look evolved, i also have to agree with Norms comments about the goggles.

    i love the direction your going in with the sword and plate armor! those have hit the spot.

    for me, the horse needs to have a different look to the other cygnar ones in pose and presence, i think something leaning towards a bad ass almost evil looking would be awesome – of courese without it looking like a cryxian ‘bad guy in the IK’ look. more of a ‘good and bad is a matter of perspective’ thing going on.

    anyways thats just my thoughts on it.

    Thanks for sharing your work, its a real treat to get an inside look on what your doing.

  13. Is having Stryker holding a flag something you have to do, or you are just trying a few concepts? I’m guessing having him having a shield is now out of the question

    It also comes to mind that we’ve never actually had a mounted model *holding the reigns* of a horse. Everyone in Immoren must have immense thigh strength.

  14. Goggles in concept art look fine, and that’s a cool sketch, but when translated to a miniature, they just suck the life right out of it. For me anyway. I like being able to paint the eyes, and absolutely loved the most recent sculpt of pStryker. I think this is definitely a case were two heads are better than one (get it?). Everyone will be pleased.

  15. That sketched out pose at the bottom is definitely along the lines of what I was picturing. The changes to the sword I like and makes sense (well like in concept, will probably hate facing on field). The only thing I’d worry about at t his point is that his armor looks more like a SciFi power armor space suit than steampunk/fantasy. Though part of that may be the grey scale too.

  16. Very much liking it, especially the stormglaive style Quicksilver (lets hope it’s not RNG 4 POW 12 though.)

    One niggle though. Nemo fixed his armour! Way back in Legends! And knew how to since just after Escalation. “While I was waiting for you to awake, I made a few tweaks to work out some of the problems. The solution came to me not long after you took it.” (Warmachine: Legends p.g 26)

    “The coils on his back erupted with blue-white light as electrical energy surged through his powered armour. He felt no corresponding blaze of pain” (Warmachine: Legends p.g 167/168)

  17. Though it’s going to be a pain in the ass to sculpt with all the lightning coils in the way, I’m going to repeat the suggestion that this Stryker might do well with a cape.

    When he’s on the horse, it won’t get in the way of his legs the way the longcoat parts would. When he’s off the horse (in artwork, or if he gets an off-the-horse model), it will drape down, filling the void lost without the longcoat details.

  18. I am an loving Cygnar player and Stryker is my second favourite caster. And if you asked me what is it Cygnar misses most model wise? Answer would be simple…

    Banners. Flags. Let the Cygnus shine and flutter above the battlefield!

    What I would love to see is stryker in less action hero pose, more of a “I am the big leader” pose with a huge flag in his gauntleted hand…The flag could also add the silouhette that the lack of longcoat suggests…

  19. I gotta echo the other comments that it looks a little too sci-fi, when I first looked at him I kinda thought,”Where did he get Retribution armor?” I think the thing really not doing it for me is the strange shoulder things, they just look like they belong in a futuristic/space/sci-fi setting more than an industrial steampunk setting.

  20. I have to say, I like some of the ideas here, but I would echo the fact he looks a little too sci-fi for me right now. My quick hits would be…

    – For the pose I do like the bottom one featured in the first image where is mount is leaping more than rearing up. The more aggressive approach seems fitting to me.

    – Please no flag. To have both a horse and a flag is really laying his double epic stature on a bit too thick for my liking.

    – He needs some kind of fabric back in his design. Duster, loincloth, cape, storm insulation – something. Its so ingrained in his look, and it’d probably also help dial back the sci-fi appearance he’s got going on. (I would also assume a number of the smaller armored plates will have the signature IK ‘hole-punched’ look).

    – I’m sure they’re coming, but details. Adding a Cygnus or two, as well as the symbols for his rank. And of course, rivets.

  21. I think it looks great,and Quicksilver looks awesome! The armour is a wee bit too Nemo-y for my liking, I think it would be cool if it looked a bit more like the the Stormblades/lances. Just my two pence.

    Still amazing work though! 🙂

  22. While the armor looks good and I love the new sword, I still think that Stryker should bear the scars from his near death encounter with a Kraken in the Thornwood. To quote “The incoming Kraken tentacle smashed into Stryker, shattering through power field and knocking him backward into the mud, crumpling his warcaster armor.” Later says that there is blood on his face. As much as I’m a Stryker fan, haven’t used any other caster since I started Cygnar nearly six months ago, I honestly don’t think that he walked away from that with out some kind of repercussions. Not to mention the fact that he might have had to leave Ol’ Rowdy behind.

    Making Stryker 3 show this would also be symbolic of Cygnar’s current state. They’re battered, bruised and bleeding. While they are pushing back with the creation of the Stormwall, not to mention whatever Nemo has or will come up with in the near future (personally hoping to see some kind of airship), they are still in more than a little trouble.

    So maybe a scar or two on his face?

  23. Love the stuff so far. Have to admit though Stryker looks weird without the duster. I think a half cape would be great like the capish looking thing on eKreoss or something the duster was just so Stryker.. Starting under the lightning coils. I like the new armor but it looks like like Nemo’s to much to me. I would love to see a more back to the roots look like an updated Stormknight armor with lightning coils and greatness. But I have to say the Quicksilver MK.III is great I’m totally playing a warcaster stormblade that has a sword like this in my IKRPG game right now. Like the bottom horse pose the most. You have always done great with Stryker I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

  24. I just love the concept of the armour just a little more flare too it but I think what would set him apart from others world be a horse with lightning armour that arks to enemies just saying little ambitious but get I’m 18 xD

  25. Loving it. Quicksilver 3 reminds me of a souped up Stormblade more then the traditional caspian battle blade. Making it look like Stryker’s stepped it up. The armour looks more Advanced less patchy and futuristic. AND HE GETS A HORSE! Im just saying but as much as I’d prefer him without a horse, It works. It just does!

    Anyway Im happy he loses the coat. its a brilliant part of Stryker but in my opinion apart from a fashion statement, It wouldnt help Stryker.

    I like like goggles being up as much as he’s portrayed to always be focued on getting out alive with everything done. I like seeing his eyes xD

  26. Matt, I really love all of your work, but Stryker 2 holds a special place (if not “the” place) in my heart. Everything about him was an extension of himself and you really took it to the next level in all the right ways.That being said,

    This version is a little (alot) disappointing. I don’t know why they have decided that Stryker needs a horse at all. He does things himself, throws everything at the enemy, puts his body on the line, all while facing insurmountable odds. He does not need help (horse). I understand though that you probably have no say over this decision. I have one idea though that just might save Stryker3 some face. Make him a Dragoon. His horse giving out would not slow Stryker down. This beast of burden should just be a means to an end, getting Styker to where he needs to be to finish the job “HIMSELF”.

    The Armor… It will be hard to outdo Stryker 2. All I can say is to take your time. Really get into, What would Stryker want, if he could go to “an even higher level”. Take it to the next level bro… like you did before.

    As far as losing the duster… you might as well strip him of his manhood (make him a Journeyman) while you are at it. He is just not the the man i have come to know and love.

  27. love the design, the post of the horse jumping with stryker holding flag and QS3 in other. I just think that with the horse should have some sort of lightning coils running up the armor of the neck make him look more like an awsome lightning lord that he is
    (sorry about spelling)

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