Back against the Stormwall

So, I’ve had this box sitting on my desk for weeks. An innocuous brown box about the size of a shoebox, sealed with a single strip of clear packing tape. In the chaos of the past month, I’d almost forgotten about it. I’d even moved it around a few times and it was accumulating paper and other clutter on top of it like some sort of weird office supply stalagmite. (I’ve got more than a few of those around my workspace. The technical term is ‘creative filing’ and if you’re a creative type, you know exactly what I mean.)

Back to the box…

Oh yeah, I kind of spoiled it in the title. It’s a Stormwall — the mighty Cygnaran colossal of Privateer’s WARMACHINE tabletop miniatures battle game, on the off chance that someone reading this doesn’t actually know what I’m referring to.

Tonight, I busted it open. I had a brief fantasy that I’d have this thing assembled and painted before Lock & Load, but that’s not going to happen. I could get it done, but this is something I want to take my sweet time with. It’s been a long time coming to have this beautiful weapon of mass destruction spread out on my desktop, and I want to savor every brush stroke as I make it battlefield ready. I’ve got a couple challenges ahead of me before that can happen, though.

The Cygnar Stormwall —beautifully huge!

Being the owner of a miniatures manufacturer has some fantastic perks. One of them is being able to request advance copies of the latest production pieces months before they’ll be available in stores. The production department graciously sent me one of the first Stormwalls off the line, and for that I thank them very much. However, as a cruel joke, they didn’t include a base, so now I have to go back and grovel for a platform to mount this beauty on top of.

Second, getting stuff early isn’t necessarily as keen as it sounds. I got this thing before the packaging was printed, which means I also got it without assembly instructions. Now you might think that since I designed the damn thing I’d know how to put it together, but in my defense, it’s been something like four years since I drafted this mechanized monster, so by now it’s as new to me as it will be to any of you.

Like I said, it’s been a long time coming. But looking at this thing, even in all these pieces, I gotta say it’s been worth the wait.

'Some assembly required.' No shit!

7 thoughts on “Back against the Stormwall

  1. I keep forgetting that you used to do L5R artwork in addition to creating my beloved Warmachine and Hordes. I don’t mind the forgetting part, though, because every time I’m reminded, it’s like finding out for the first time, and I get to geek out all over again!

    • Thanks, Mike! Sometimes I forget, too. When I was putting together the little slideshow, I was like, “Hey, I remember that one! Oh, and that one!” Man, it feels like a long time ago, now.

      • I don’t play as often, but I’m going to suggest Legion or Khador. For Leigion I have pekicd up alot of tips through PP forums although I haven’t gotten around to ordering more parts due to local painting commissions and personal projects. I think posting a list or 2 there could help. I know ppl power play Khador so it could be worth having a go with them too. Also keeping in mind I come from a small town and I don’t think anyone there plays too competitively. However, I believe painters like us should be aiming for best painted But if you are going to play and paint well I’d say go for it . Whatever you choose I can’t wait to see what you’ll end up painting and playing (More importantly the painting parts ) See you on the forumz

    • Damn straight you are, Biggie! And you better get your ass to Lock & Load because we’re about a year and a half overdue on that Scotch…

  2. Oh MAN! This is so cool Matt! And 4 years of drafting? Wow that’s a long time. I’ve been reviewing for Privateer Press… I hope they let me review the stormwall sometime soon!

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