My name is Matt Wilson, for we are many.

There are many Matt Wilsons running around. It can be confusing. Chances are you know one, or you’ve at least met one, even if you didn’t know it. They’re like Cylons, only without the ability to  download their consciousness and resurrect in a new body if one gets hit by a truck.

This is one Matt Wilson’s attempt to actually download his consciousness so that, at such a point when said consciousness can actually be placed into a new, superior robot body, he’ll be the first in line before all the other Matt Wilson’s start popping up again and he can quickly crush their uprising and exist forever as the one and only Matt Wilson — Matt Wilson Prime.

Until then, Matt Wilson will resort to differentiating his current flesh and bone model by employing a pretentiously expanded moniker utilizing the long form of his given name and a middle initial which adds very little in the way of uniqueness at all.

In pursuit of distinguishing his identity, Matthew D. Wilson has collected credits as an artist, writer, filmmaker, game designer, entrepreneur and business leader. He continues to search out and explore new ways to avoid sleep and creatively share the weird stuff going on inside his head.

Matt is best known as the award winning game designer and owner of Privateer Press, publisher of WARMACHINE, HORDES, MONSTERPOCALYPSE, THE IRON KINGDOMS RPG setting, and many other fine game and hobby products. He is also known throughout the civilized world for his artistic contributions to such esteemed games as MAGIC: THE GATHERING, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, and SHADOWRUN as well as book cover work for MARVEL COMICS and HARPER COLLINS.

Matthew D. Wilson beleives that referring to oneself in the third person is only appropriate for those whose brains properly inhabit robot bodies and promises not to do it again until he has one of his own.

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